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Is it Time to Rebrand?

By on June 27th, 2018 in Marketing

“Is it time to rebrand?” is a question that a lot of businesses dread hearing. It can be scary and sometimes expensive to change branding standards that have been the same for a long time. It’s a tough decision to make, but there are some good reasons to not be so apprehensive about it. Take a look at your brand and start asking some tough questions:

  • Is our branding still fresh and does it differentiate us from the competition?
  • When was it first created?
  • Does it still represent what our business has to offer today?
  • Is our branding unique?
  • Are we able to easily use aspects of our branding across digital platforms (website, apps, social media, etc.)?

If you answered “no” to some of the questions posed above, that’s a sign that a rebrand could really help your business. One of the biggest worries of rebranding is a fear that the public will no longer recognize your brand as it was. This is something that shouldn’t be an issue though! A good rebranding isn’t going to throw away everything you’ve built. When properly done, this is a process that takes the time to recognize what makes your business unique. Good rebranding helps to lift your brand back into modern day standards.

As you’re working on the rebranding project, try to keep the specifics of your business in mind. Figure out what separates you from your competitors and highlight the things that make you unique. Find ways to incorporate the ideals of your brand in everything you do.

After you finish your rebranding, start putting it out into the world. Begin marketing and introducing your audience to the new changes. Don’t expect it to be an overnight success. It will take time for your audience to get used to it. Take time to cultivate it and critique the final product. Stay true to the original blueprint for the rebrand, but don’t be afraid to make small changes as you see it in action. Keep perfecting and growing your identity.

A successful brand is distinguishable at a glance. It needs to be able to adapt to the world around it. Build yourself a brand & identity that can do that. There’s no better time to start than the present. Building a strong brand is a lasting investment that can help your business grow stronger in the years to come.