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Capture Attention with Variable Data Printing!

By on August 11th, 2016 in Marketing

Despite the vast advancements in technology, one of the best ways to capture your customers’ attention is through their mail.

Direct mail advertising shows a level of personalization and care that appeals to customers. It is this personalization and effort that really grabs their attention and keeps it.

You can add elements of personalization by using Variable Data Printing (VDP).
It offers the flexibility necessary for highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

You can really get your customers’ attention by using their data to target their
interests. Here’s how we use our mind skills to CUSTOMIZE YOUR DOCUMENTS:

  •  Change the colors and pictures based on demographics.
  • Address the customer by name.
  • List different branches based on customer’s location.
  • Offer specific services only to those who qualify.
  • Produce unique quick response codes.

Speak one-on-one with your prospects through VDP and get the higher response rates you have been wanting.