Lynne Crockett

Graphic Designer

Lynne has been a graphic designer at LKCS since 2002. Her primary responsibility is to edit and proofread all design department projects. She also contributes to the design department, and to social media and email marketing.

Lynne’s contributions to our blog include her writings on graphic design, text writing & editing, and social media marketing.

Are you having success with your current social media strategy? Or does it seem like a waste of your time? Here are some ideas to start increasing engagement and gain followers. Ask yourself some key questions. What value are we providing our followers? Why should our audience be interested in what we say? Why are…


Typographic hierarchy is a system for organizing content with a clear order of importance. This system of organizing and formatting your type helps the reader to know where to look, and how to easily find what is most important.


As a graphic designer, it’s my job to create products and images that convey a message. I’m constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to help our clients share the information that’s most important to them.


Many of us at LKCS are assigned more than one task in any given day. I might start my day designing a brochure, then write some social media content, proofread a catalog in the afternoon, and wind down my day writing my contribution to our blog. You may understand the feeling. Your job description may…


Growing a great brand means growing a great customer experience. If you provide great products and services, your reputation, your name, and your brand will be synonymous with quality.

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