Sid Haas

Vice President of Business Development

Sid has worked at LKCS since 1992 where he has held a wide variety of positions. Starting as a graphic designer, Sid has supervised LKCS’ design and pre-press teams before serving as a sales representative. He currently serves as LKCS’ Vice President of Business Development and is heavily involved with new product development and executive management. Sid has a passion for utilizing technology to enhance marketing efforts and gets excited by opportunities to develop new technology-driven products and marketing solutions.

Sid writes on various marketing and technology topics. He also speaks on these topics at various credit union, bank, marketing, and technology conferences.

Your account holders are active online. They communicate with friends and family. They shop. And they follow brands and companies that interest them. Financial institutions obviously want to be where their account holders are. Social media is a logical choice. Establishing a Facebook page, LinkedIn presence, Twitter account, etc. is commonplace for financial marketers.


Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, once said “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better.” For the last 4 decades, LKCS has constantly improved and enhanced our statement solutions. We’re not the largest statement vendor and we’re likely not the least expensive – but we are THE BEST. Just ask any of our statement clients.


When it comes to marketing for loans – auto loans, mortgage/home equity loans, credit card loans, and installment loans – there’s no better data source than the three major credit bureaus. Together, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion maintain over 202 million credit files, thus providing marketers with even more data for their loan marketing efforts.


LKCS has enabled our statement processing clients to incorporate graphical ads, also called onserts, directly onto their statements and e-statements for several years. However, our onsert technology and statement marketing goes far beyond presenting a graphical ad to all statement recipients. Here is a recap of what makes LKCS’ statement onsert services different.


Successful marketing campaigns are relevant to the recipient. They send the right message to the right person to meet a specific need. The trick is to help you identify that need and then deliver a specific offer to a qualified recipient. With pre-screen loan campaigns, you leverage data from the credit bureaus to identify specific lending opportunities that meet your credit requirements.


There is no doubt that your financial institution has been working hard to find new ways of cutting costs. One area that we often advise our customers to look into when trying to limit their expenses is E-Statements. Sending statements can have a significant operational expense, and getting account holders to switch from statements to e-statements can provide large savings on a recurring basis.


Regular promotion and advertising of your products and services will generate results, and when it comes to consistent communications, it’s hard to beat the NEWSLETTER. The newsletter remains one of the most effective marketing tools available to companies, banks, and credit unions, and it deserves a place in your marketing plan.

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