Sid Haas

Vice President of Business Development

Sid has worked at LKCS since 1992 where he has held a wide variety of positions. Starting as a graphic designer, Sid has supervised LKCS’ design and pre-press teams before serving as a sales representative. He currently serves as LKCS’ Vice President of Business Development and is heavily involved with new product development and executive management. Sid has a passion for utilizing technology to enhance marketing efforts and gets excited by opportunities to develop new technology-driven products and marketing solutions.

Sid writes on various marketing and technology topics. He also speaks on these topics at various credit union, bank, marketing, and technology conferences.

With LKCS’ DataFlex Document Solutions, you can have this information at your fingertips. Best of all – you don’t need to know anything about database design, report writing, or programming.


One of the ways that your financial institution regularly communicates with all of your account holders is through account statements. Most will open and read their statements. This is a very powerful marketing tool many financial institutions don’t utilize to the fullest extent. Take advantage of your account statements, the postage is already paid for!…


LKCS is renowned for website design and development. As we continue to design and host more and more websites, we continue to bolster our other web-based solutions to offer a complete package of web services and electronic marketing options. In today’s Webinar Wednesday episode, Sid Haas discusses ways LKCS can assist your company through a variety of web services. Let our web services be your goal!


Transpromo marketing can be implemented across print and electronic platforms. It effectively takes advantage of specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and supports existing rewards/loyalty programs. With transpromo elements, statements and e-statements become highly targeted, measurable, direct mail campaigns that increase revenue and lower costs at the same time.


Pre-screen credit marketing has proven to be an effective tool for financial institutions nationwide. By utilizing credit data you can easily determine which existing account holders or prospects qualify for your loan and credit card products. It’s easy to turn to your preferred credit bureau to get started. But, surprisingly, that may not be your best option.


Your financial institution may be like many of our clients. You’ve successfully promoted e-statements and have a growing number of e-statement users each month. You’re saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in postage. But, now comes the next question… are you moving on to the next cost-cutting initiative? LKCS’ e-statement marketing solutions can help you!


You are the customer, and therefore are in control of the relationship! Your statement processor, e-statement provider, or data processing company is the vendor. Vendors are there to meet your needs and expectations. Yet, many times, financial institutions are restricted by their vendors. Vendors either don’t have the capability, or worse, they don’t have the…

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