Scott Monterastelli

Web Developer

Scott is a front-end web developer at LKCS. His main objective is converting client approved design concepts into fully-functional websites. Along with his daily workload, he is responsible for seeking out new and improved front-end web programming trends, and implementing them into his workflow.

Scott's contributions to our blog include his writings on various front-end web development trends and standards.

In the early stages of design a lot of clients ask where to get ideas for their new website, and we often instruct them to browse other websites and take notes on features that they find interesting or useful. This is a fairly standard practice across the board, and a great way to find out…


Why use SVG?

August 25th, 2017 | By

Images are everywhere on the internet. Crisp, clear, well-defined graphics are an excellent way to enhance the design of a website and create a better overall user experience. Conversely, nothing discredits a website more than a barrage of blurry, pixelated blobs.


Your eyes slowly focus onto that horrifying acronym “HTML”, your palms sweating from the anxiety of clicking this forbidden object. With a shaking hand, you and your noble steed (mouse) courageously venture into this alien world only to find an undecipherable mess of words and symbols; panic ensues. But fear not traveler! Together we will navigate through the forbidden land of HTML.


Our clients aren’t required to know code in order to run their sites, but with a brand spanking new website it’s always helpful to know a little bit about what’s under the hood.


Yes. The world of the web is no longer exclusively accessible from the ergonomic office chairs of years past. With the price of technology decreasing and the ever-increasing sense of urgency around the world, the internet is more accessible than ever.

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