Ryan Simonsen

Web Designer

Ryan is a skilled designer with a dedication to all things design. He plays a large role in social media marketing, website development, and email marketing projects. He is always looking to stay current with web design trends and find new ways to bring creative design solutions to our clients.

Ryan's contributions to our blog include his writings on web design and current design trends.

Many factors go into creating a great website. The most important of these is creating one that is easy to navigate. Thinking about the layout and how a viewer will interact with the site is central to creating an experience that is enjoyable.


How can you use design to effectively reach your audience? This can seem like a daunting task in a world flooded with images and information. You need to find a balance of creating something unique, while appealing to your consumers’ wants and needs. There are several key areas you can focus on.


When the word branding is used, many people may think of a logo. Perhaps a well-known logo comes to mind, such as the Nike swoosh or Starbucks mermaid. While logos are an important aspect of branding, it doesn’t end there. Branding is a strategic plan that covers an entire business, and sets it apart from the competition.


The role of advertising is to relay a message to the consumer. There are many media platforms in which this can be achieved, but if not used properly, the message can often be lost. Choosing what to emphasize can make or break a concept. That is why there are a few subconscious questions I like to ask before laying out a design.


Ever wonder how a graphic designer comes up with those amazingly creative ideas? Well, it isn’t magic, (although sometimes I wish it was) it’s through brainstorming! Like a jigsaw puzzle, you need to organize all the parts, think about the big picture, and then start putting it all together. Here are several steps I usually follow when brainstorming a new creative concept.


When promoting a business, there are few things more important than a well-designed logo. From letterheads to business cards, t-shirts to billboards, there is no end to the amount of ways you could use your logo. With this in mind, it goes without saying that having a successful logo is not just important, but essential. Here are five tips that are helpful when designing a new logo.

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