Mike Dudek


Mike has served as LKCS President since 1996, and plays a big role in transitioning the company to a full-service, design and marketing agency. He is heavily involved in new product development and believes that using our own products to promote the services we offer is the best way to understand what our customer's experience will be.

Mike writes on various marketing topics and strategies.

Do you want new account holders to seek you out? Plant the seed to let them know you’re out there! Pre-screen credit prospecting allows you to target consumers with your best loan products to meet their current needs. Run multiple offers at the same time to promote any of your loan products. Determine what credit…


Color attracts attention and communicates your message better than black and white alone. Allow your offer to stand out and make your brand shine. Until now, the increased cost for full color has made this option too expensive to be used for most statements. But, the cost of color has dropped significantly in recent years….


Consumers are hit with hundreds of messages on any given day! How do you grab the attention of your prospects? Direct mail enables you to communicate on a personalized one-to-one basis, generating significantly higher response rates than generic mail pieces. LKCS offers high quality printing and mailing services – giving you a one-stop solution for your direct mail promotions.

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