Kathy Skinner

Graphic Designer

Kathy joined LKCS in 1975 and since then has adopted to many changes in the field of graphic design. With over 40 years of experience in design, she brings a lot to the table. Some of her contributions to the department include newsletter layout designs, statement preprints, and social media marketing. She has an eye for technical details and also assists with editing and proofreading department projects.

Kathy’s contributions to our blog include her writings on various graphic design strategies, tools, and trends.

Is It Good to Go?

August 16th, 2017 | By

Camera ready art is the term used in the printing industry that refers to a file that can be used “as is” (with no editing). Frequently our customers supply us with files they believe to be camera ready. Usually we find it necessary to adjust something on the file because it is not set up properly, and the client is unsure of how to fix it. In order to avoid press delays, please consider the following recommendations before sending your files to a service provider.


As I remember back to 1975, when I started at LKCS (then known as Letterkraft Printers), I marvel at how much the design equipment has changed. For example, today you wouldn’t think twice about typing a quick headline on your computer to create an ad. Things weren’t always this easy!