Kailee Pakenham

Kailee is new to the marketing world and has hit the ground running bringing exciting, fresh ideas to the table at LKCS. She uses her energetic results-driven customer service skills to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with LKCS’ clients. With Kailee’s combined marketing and fine arts skill set, she has breathed new life into her clients marketing campaigns. Kailee’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and determination. She thrives on challenges, and is excited for the opportunity to write for the LKCS blog this year. Kailee’s contributions to our blog include her writings on various marketing strategies, solutions, tools and trends.

We have all seen that disgruntled post on social media by a consumer who had a less than excellent customer experience at a certain business. You know the one I’m talking about… she was on hold for over an hour with a rude employee, he found a hair in his food, or her pumpkin spice…

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