Jessica Guadiana

Jessica is a digital marketing specialist with over a decade of experience. She's tasked with developing and managing online marketing strategies for our clients, which include search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising (PPC, Google AdWords). A graphic designer as well, she pitches in from time to time to help our web team as needed.

Jessica's contributions to our blog include her writings on digital marketing strategies, updates, and tips.

Google My Business has been around since 2014, but only in the last year or two has it really picked up speed. It is an essential digital marketing tool for every financial institution or business if they want to connect with people searching locally. If you think you’re not familiar with Google My Business (GMB), […]


If you’re a customer trying to figure out which hotel to book for your next vacation, you probably love reading reviews. You’ll sift through dozens of reviews before picking the perfect hotel and making a reservation. Obviously, this is the only way to determine if a hotel is a 5-star experience or a 1-star nightmare […]


Your bank or credit union’s website is not just a tool for your current account holders to utilize. It is also a marketing tool that can help you reach new customers and increase investments in your products and services. Your website is where you can really establish your brand identity and the type of experience […]


Did you know 50% of people who use their phone to do a search for a business will end up visiting it the same day? It’s time to make sure your financial institution stands out independently from the rest online. LKCS is proud to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions as part of our suite of […]

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