Janet Forbes

Creative Director

Janet has 27 years of working experience in advertising, marketing, sales, and graphic design. She joined the LKCS marketing department in 1997, and in her 19 years here, is proud to have seen and experienced the emergence of the company’s award-winning design department.

As Creative Director, she leads her team in the conceptualization and creation of work ranging from marketing campaigns to corporate identity and branding.

Janet’s contributions to our blog include her writings on design techniques, task management, and creative problem solving.

It’s inevitable. You’ve given it your best – all that you have – and now you’re stuck. As a creative professional, I feel defeated when my mind can’t produce the results I expect. Sometimes I have a dozen ideas swirling around, and other times I struggle to come up with even one solution. I can…


Are you gearing up for your next auto loan promotion? Do you want to increase your odds of reaching the account holders or prospects most likely to purchase a new vehicle or refinance an existing one? Financial institutions are finding that they can gain more interest in their auto loan direct mail pieces by accurately…


The phrase “wear many hats” is defined as “to have many jobs or roles”. Raise your hand if you immediately thought THAT’S ME! Multitasking your usual job duties is one thing, but taking on added responsibilities is quite another. Earlier this year, I saw a statistic that polled over 1,000 employed Americans. It found that…


There are many creative avenues that can be taken, so giving us adequate direction will help jump start design inspiration. The more information designers can collect from the customer, the better equipped they will be to deliver a product that gets results.


Our company teams up with our local high schools and community college to offer job shadowing opportunities for students interested in graphic design. They always come in eagerly anticipating some magical creative environment where designers leisurely ponder infinite fine arts projects to showcase their illustrative prowess. I feel somewhat guilty when I ultimately smash that…


For the inexperienced designer, starting a new project can be intimidating. Whether you’re a recent graduate, or an office worker delegated to creating in-house materials, the design thought process is something that gets overlooked in training.


My LKCS Design Wish List

November 15th, 2016 | By

My bosses are holding their breath right now. What more can she expect from us? Well, relax. You’re off the hook this time! What I would really enjoy comes not from my workplace, but from those non-designers out there who are asked to “save the company money” and create all business and marketing materials in-house.

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