James Markey

Lead Web Designer

As lead web designer, James plays a significant role in the design and development of websites, online advertisements, and email marketing campaigns. He is also challenged with remaining updated on new design trends, software, and technology for the betterment of all web design projects.

James' contributions to our blog include his writings on web design as well as email marketing tools and technologies.

UX, you’ve likely heard the term before, it’s nothing new. In fact, the idea of UX and UX designers has been around for over 50 years! This is a great timeline to show the evolution of the idea of UX design. In 1966 Walt Disney became what is thought to be, the first UX designer….


Your marketing is paying off, people are paying attention to your messages and the credit union is gaining new members. You should be happy, but the problem is, most of them don’t take advantage of all the products and services you offer. They don’t become loyal, invested members of your credit union. You need to…


Testing a few handful of new ideas with every email message can give some insight on trends and preferences of your audience.


We’ve all heard the saying “your website is your hardest working employee”, but what if I told you that “hardest working employee” had an assistant? Email marketing automation is easily the most important tool besides your website that you can use for online engagement.


Email marketing, when used correctly is one of the most effective marketing channels. You can deliver your message to any size audience in a matter of seconds. But with that great power does come some great responsibility.


Email marketing, most people have a love-hate relationship with it. We all know it’s great; email is one of the best tools we have to communicate with our audience.


To buy, to contact, or join; whatever the purpose is, the user needs to take action in order for that process to complete. Call to action buttons or CTAs play a big role in this process. But often times they fall short of doing their job because they are misused or not used at all. CTAs need to be prominent on the page. It should be very clear what is going to happen when a user taps or clicks on the button. People fail at testing different words and colors. Creating CTAs that work can potentially help your website live up to its purpose.

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