Chris Guadiana

Visual Communications Designer

As visual communications designer, Chris is responsible for designing client websites and promotional materials. Additionally, he is also tasked with remaining updated on emerging trends and technologies in his field, and assists in the handling of new service opportunities for LKCS.

Chris' contributions to our blog include his writings on web design and current design trends.

Your logo is one of the most important and visible aspects of your business. A logo can communicate the style of your business, quality of work you produce and whether or not a potential customer will feel comfortable utilizing your services. Keep these points in mind next time you review your logo. It may be…


A poor print experience often begins with an improperly set up file. Yet submitting print-ready files to your printer can seem like a nebulous task at best. Files are frequently cobbled together in a word processor with images copied from the web. A couple of magic words are whispered, fingers crossed, and the send button…


Armed with basic information and an ultimate goal, the design process can be viewed as a journey without a map. Along the way new ideas are gathered, guiding the designer toward the end goal.


Imagery can create a huge impact on your website. It can either draw users in, or repel them. A simple image can convey the values, personality/attitude and culture of the person, business or organization behind the site. Ideally, custom photography will showcase exactly what you are trying to promote.  However, that can be cost-prohibitive. For the rest of us, there is stock photography.

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