Brianna Burke

Technical Writer Intern

Brianna plays the part of writer at LKCS, crafting anything from press releases to blog posts. She ensures that the clients’ needs are met through precise wording, genre styling, and fact checking. Combine these factors with her belief in constant revision and you have one great writer.

Brianna’s contributions to our blog include her writings on copywriting and content writing.

Writing for financial institutions can be difficult. They don’t just provide a service and then disappear; instead, they are entrenched in their customers’ lives, dealing with their homes, cars, education, and finances. As such, financial institutions need a specific kind of writing that generates trust, provides information, and demonstrates that they care about their customers.
The following are four copywriting tips for financial institutions that do exactly that.


Some writers know how to make you get up and do something. They engage you, make you feel something, and give you the spark to act on their writing. Your content should generate that same need to act.